native american - revenge is sweet . i think this would be badass if you left out the colors .

Small Navajo Firecreek Stencil

The Small Navajo Firecreek Stencil is a striking single motif stencil, perfect for single or repeat motif decorating projects, for themed rooms or for introducing a Navajo pattern element on clothes and accessories, or wall hangings and cushions

Check out this awesome 'Native+American+Style+Mandala+with+Arrows' design on @TeePublic!

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Graphic Design / this reminds me of a high fashion design, I'm drawn to these colors.

The triangles in front of the color photo causes the photo to be emphasized due to the shape and pattern.

1.	abstract: style of art that uses shapes, designs, textures, and colors in a way that may not look real but emphasizes moods or feelings.

One of my favorite contemporary artists. Quilt inspiration -- art by Maya Hayuk, The Opening, Apocabliss show at Anonymous Gallery.