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  • Kitrina Miller

    10 posing tips for group photos. We could use these tips when we have to take group shots.

  • Julien Bernier

    10 posing tips for group photos- It drives me NUTS when I see badly posed family photos from professional photographers! I may have only worked in 2 studios that wern't super expensive but I can tell when the photographers has no clue or just doesn't give a shit. before you even go into a studio or have someone do a shoot learn this so you can choose wisely from your #Photography Images|

  • Shelley M

    10 Posing Tips for Group Portraits. This guy's website is awesome!!

  • Chav Werz

    10 posing tips for group photos. #photography #tips

  • Alysa Aeschbacher

    look for the triangles, posing groups #photography ---10 posing tips for group photos

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