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New Mexico scene shot while covering the Great Plains for National Geographic some years ago. Something about these impossibly long roads in vast spaces that tugs at my heart. @natgeo @natgeocreative #newmexico by jimrichardsonng

Photo: @rezaphotography // Fragile Ice // The Amur River #russia! Here I am on assignment for National Geographic on the banks of the Amur River the natural border stretching three kilometers wide which separates two giants: China and Russia. I had just passed part of the winter in this region moving from one bank to another. The cold froze my mustache and my film. Working in minus 40 C is a real challenge! The harbingers of spring are thus very welcome. The thaw has begun and people come…

Zion National Park

Trilye | Bursa by audiosoup

@istanbulcity by audiosoup

@istanbulcity by audiosoup

thephotosociety: "Photo: @rezaphotography // Illustration and Representation // #Egypt Pyramid of Khafre I was on assignment for National Geographic on Nile Delta. One can capture the beauty and nobility of a monument if one is careful to choose the right angle and wait for the right light. I do sometimes do that but it is not what I am after nor what I prefer. I prefer to interpret a monument retrace its history. In Egypt the pyramids are often represented in full light alone and lost in…

In southern New Mexico a steep angular mountain range with rocky spires jut majestically above the Chihuahuan Desert floor. This picturesque area of rocky peaks narrow canyons and open woodlands form the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. President Obama established the monument in May 2014 to protect the area's prehistoric historic and scientific values. President Obama has protected more than 265 million acres of land and water more than any other president in history. Photo…