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Wisteria ... yes!

One day I plan on walking under a tree like this with my husband and daughter. Wisteria canopy!

Purple flowers on shady stairs. How cute would your garden steps look like this @Annie Casson

Gorgeous flowers

Spring lilacs

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.


Awesome reflections--I had to look at this more closely to see how it was composed. Love the double reflection of the round colors. One of my favorite flowers. When I come across one, I always bend over to smell the bells!--Pia (Lilly of the Valley Flowers)

Beautiful colors #Beautiful Flowers|

{Enchanted forest}this is where we go to seek wisdom from our ancestors. We call this river song

flower :)

pink climbing roses

Dahlia–It almost glows!

Pink Double Delight Coneflower-USDA zone 3-9, full sun, reaches 24" in height and 18-24" in width. Requires well draining soil, does not like to be damp, otherwise an easy plant to grow. This is same care for other flowers in the echinacea family as well.

wisteria for my backyard



beautiful flowers photography sky clouds flowers pretty...Love the color tint in this photo