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Doctor Who Paper Crafts - Dr. Who - Tardis paper boxes - Tardis - #doctorwho #tardis

Free Download: Dr. Who Papercraft Templates Dalek!!

Tardis Pillow Case - DIY pattern - Spoonflower

Tutorial Tuesday: TARDIS Bookcase! | Geek Crafts

Cubee - TARDIS by CyberDrone on DeviantArt

DIY....How to build your own Tardis

Doctor Who Paper Crafts (downloadable!) Use for decorations & can use the Tardis for a treat/candy box for take-home.

Dalek from Dr. Who - Doctor Who Paper Crafts - dalek pattern box - #doctorwho #dalek

How to... build your own TARDIS from scratch from wood. This is a great site, and even if you only want to build a small TARDIS from cardboard, the directions are invaluable.

HOLY COW!! This is AWESOME!! I need someone to build this for me, puhlease! This DIY TARDIS Bookshelf Is a 'Doctor Who' Lover's Dream

DIY Tardis Closet - Such a great idea for a space themed room.

"The pieces of this corrugated cardboard model of Doctor Who's TARDIS were cut out using a laser cutter and assembled using a minimal amount of glue. Don't have a laser cutter? The parts may be printed on paper, glued to cardboard, then cut out by hand. The template for the TARDIS is available at the DIY website, Thingiverse."



How to create your own low poly paper sculptures using Meshlab and Pepakura. Free pdf of the deer head example.

ThinkGeek :: Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot