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Top 15 Reasons Why Americans Love England

Great Britain

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Repubblica Italiana

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The flag of Canada was officially adopted on February 15,1965.The Canadian Red Ensign,bearing the Union Jack and the shield of the royal arms of Canada,was lowered and then,on the stroke of noon,the new maple leaf flag was raised.The crowd sang the national anthem O Canada, followed by the royal anthem, God Save the Queen.The stylish red maple leaf has been the national symbol of Canada for over 150 years. Red and white are the official colors of Canada, proclaimed by King George V in 1921.

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What Do the Colors of the Mexican Flag Mean

"An eagle with a snake in its mouth recognizes the Aztec heritage of Mexico. 
According to Aztec legend, the gods advised the Aztec people to build their capital on the location in which they saw an eagle, perched on a prickly pear tree, eating a serpent. They built their capital, Tenochtitlan, on what is now the main plaza of Mexico City."

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What Do the Colors on the German Flag Represent

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Lithuania's flag was officially adopted on March 20, 1989. Long a part of the former Soviet Union, the Lithuanian flag was reprised after it gained independence in 1991. Yellow is symbolic of the country's wheat fields; green symbolic of the forests, and red symbolizes patriotism. Collectively the colors represent hope for the future, freedom from oppression, and the incredible courage of the Lithuanian people.

The French Tricolour.(French National). The three colours are occasionally taken to represent the three elements of the revolutionary motto, liberté (freedom: blue), égalité (equality: white), fraternité (brotherhood: red); this symbolism was referenced in Krzysztof Kieślowski's three colours film trilogy, for example.

This is the Spanish flag. The yellow stripe in the middle of the flag represents generosity. The two red stripes represent hardiness, bravery, and strength. In the middle of the yellow stripe is the coat of arms of Spain.