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I crack up every time the minister asks "do you have the ring?" can only imagine what it will be like when it's my big day!

"they already are, Squints!" this will always be one of my favorite movies to watch during the summer! THE SANDLOT♥

The sandlot! - one of my favorite movies!

The Sandlot one of my favorite movies.

I must admit that I watched "The Sandlot" so much because I had a major crush on Mike Vitar and Brandon Q. Adams so to see them in two movies together (the first was "D2: The Mighty Ducks") was the best to me. Click here to read my interview with Brandon Q. Adams later on in the years.

i go weak at the knees every time i hear this line :) PRIDE AND PREDUJICE

Me and my cousins used to watch this when we were little and fight over who was our boyfriend :) we all wanted benny

Emily Schoenfeld Buckhannon Shelley Parker Herke Buckhannon take notes!

I want a sexy man of God :) haha Father Dan, Raising Helen...looovvveee ittttt!!