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The 16 Funniest Memes of the Year

Let's take a look back at some of 2011's greatest time-wasters. Just a head's up, no 'Nyan Cat' or 'Planking' because seriously guys, let's get our shit together.
  • EssDot323

    Disney memes.

  • Monica Vazquez

    Hipster Ariel... Disney's Little Mermaid was kind of a spoiled brat anyway.

  • Rachel P.

    Hipster Ariel and other Disney princesses

  • britt shotts

    hipster ariel makes me giggle.

  • Ari Downham

    hahaha hipster Ariel memes make me laugh every time

  • Penelope

    #HipsterAriel Broken Hartz trending on Twitter for 7 days and counting... #HartzKills #PeoplePower

  • Jessica Spice

    #jamberry #nails #humour #humor #funny #silly #lol #lulz #truth #hilarious #funny #picture #quote #laugh #smile

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Edit: the Roving Typist (the young man in this photo) has written about this photo. Although I still love the photo because I've done this myself (:-)), I feel I need to share his story as well. Thus I changed the source to reveal the story behind it.

Before it was cool. (Funny hipster meme.)

i love these movies, haven't seen them in forever!

Hipster llama. Jade Alvarez Hull Marissa Hereso Pittman Hahahahahaha brother llama hahahaha

Baths traumatize even the coolest cats!!!

Hipster or Homeless? HAHAHA I don't watch this show but this is awesome

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