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Life is not always a straight line.

Beautiful mane.. Norwegian Fjord #horse.Usually their manes are cropped so the dark hairs form a straight line that continues down their backs to their tails,but this looks really pretty,all grown out

from Jalopnik

For $16,000, Go On A Straight-Line Rampage

Dodge Charger Daytona. Here you can see that the back glass is flush and not recessed.

Top photo: Back row L-R: Paw-ne-hun-ka, Wah-she-ha-lah (aka Bacon Rind), Me-tsa-che-a, Ne-kah-ko-la, Mow-shah-he-tah (aka Charlie Whip) Middle row L-R: Nah-heh-in-kah, Wah-she-pe-she, Ben Mashunkashey, Saucy Chief, Wah-tsa-moie, Claremore Front row L-R: Me-tah-in-kah (aka Louis Big Horse), Edward Chouteau - Osage - 1888 Bottom photo: Osage men - no date

Tips on backing your horse in a straight line. Great advice for showmanship competitors.

Plymouth/Dodge flathead 6 cylinder engines | Chrysler Flathead Engine

from Jalopnik

Amazing 788 Horsepower Ferrari-Slaying Volvo Wagon Seeks New Owner

An amazing 1967 Volvo Amazon station wagon built by Mattias Vöcks (engineer for Koenigsegg). It's got a Volvo 2.8 liter turbocharged inline six making 788 hp that is hooked up to a Getrag six-speed transmission are responsible for the wagons unbelievable straight line performance.

1930 Willys-Knight Great Six Plaid-Side Roadster- Willys-Knight was a line of automobiles produced between 1914 and 1933 by the more commonly known Willys-Overland Company. There were a number of “Knight” branded cars in production around this time because they all used Knight Sleeve-Valve engines (there were no less than eight). The Knight Sleeve Valve engine wasn’t exactly a novelty – there were all kinds of pioneering ideas in the early days of motoring as to how an automobile should be…

I'm usually not to big on the'69 year model Camaro because of the straight line of the top rear quarter panels. I personally prefer he rounded-off look of the '67 & '68's, but this '69 is one of those exceptions. This is one awesome 1st Gen. Camaro!!!