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Seems extreme baking soda on the skin. DIY face wash with olive oil, castor oil and honey (I added tea tree oil for my acne). Cheap, easy and it works (my skin is looking better and I don't need a moisturizer afterwards)!

22 remedies for acne & blemishes.  LOVE THIS PIN. OMG. Life saver.

22 Home Remedies for Acne & Pesky Pimples

22 Natural Home Remedies for Acne and Pesky Pimples. If you have skin problems like acne and pimples on your face, you might want to get rid of them right away.

Sleeping Beauty: Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks: The Dreaded "S" Word...

How to naturally remove stretch marks. cocoa butter, almond oil and wheat germ oil. You can use Palmers Cocoa Butter lotion or All Natural cocoa butter.

3 Ingredient Eye Makeup Remover: A Quick Beauty DIY Source: DIY Eye Makeup Remover – How To Make Eye Makeup Remover | Free People Blog http://blog.freepeople.com/2012/10/3-ingredient-eye-makeup-remover-quick-beauty-diy/#ixzz2ABe1po83

3 Ingredient Eye Makeup Remover: A Quick Beauty DIY

3 Ingredient Eye Makeup Remover: A Quick Beauty DIY Water, no-tears baby shampoo, olive oil or coconut oil, a small glass container.

At home face mask

Lemon egg-white mask for oily acne-prone skin. it tightens, brightens and shrinks your pores, too! One lemon, egg white, & oatmeal mask

I already cleanse with olive oil at night, and I think this will be a great addition to my morning routine. I am so excited to try it! Stop buying all the skin care stuff at the store that doesn't work - try using natural ingredients that you have in your pantry!

No-Nonsense Daily Scrub for Any Skin Type - using ground oats and almonds. Via Crunchy Betty.

Coconut oil boosts energy, increases metabolism, improves thyroid function, and aids healthy weight loss. 101 uses for coconut oil!

Coconut Oil: 101 Uses, Benefits, & Why You Should Use it

Experimental Beauty: Coconut Oil for Dieting, Moisturizing & Wellness - 52 ways to use it - POSHGLAM - Global Luxury Fashion, Celebrity Style

Make Your Own Homemade Facial Cleansers . . . {4} All-Natural Recipes!

Make Your Own Homemade Facial Cleansers . . . {4} All-Natural Recipes

Make Your Own Homemade Facial Cleansers-- All-Natural (Coconut) Lemon Facial Cleansing Cream Oil Facial Cleanser Lemon Facial Cleanser Honey Cleanser

DIY: sweet almond honey oatmeal goat's milk soap (I would replace the goat milk with almond, rice or coconut milk)

Almond Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap

Sweet Almond Honey Oatmeal Goat's Milk Soap by Essentially Eclectic. This is the first recipe i've found that makes me think I can do it!