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Haha, David Tennant

Haha, David Tennant

Haha, David Tennant

This made me laugh more than it probably should have... David Tennant!

<3 I remember Rose. I remember the love they shared. The love they still share, deep down inside. Time would rip apart if they tried to be together. This makes me sad. She didn't want to go. The Doctor didn't want her to go. But he had to let her go.


The doctor gets excited…

David Tennant...

And all of them are amazing. I don't care if you say that Rose was dumb, or that Martha chased after the Doctor, or that Donna or Amy are annoying, or that Clara is flat. You are just stupid. All of them are amazing.<<<< True dat.

XtremeGoof Kingdomfrom XtremeGoof Kingdom

Disney Mash-Ups It Looks Like (5/1)

David Tennant

MY HEART The Doctor and Rose - ''Bunning Up A Sun.'' by jugtheclown (devianART) (Doctor Who - BBC Series)

"A little boy asks Christopher Eccleston if the Doctor fancies Rose Tyler. Click to see his response." I just grinned like an idiot.