Darth Vader and Maleficent, epic love story

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Darth Vader vs. Fran #StarWars

I don't know that I would ever have the patience to do this but it would be awesome to do with Elliott.: Parenting You Re, Recreate Famous, Movie Scenes, Awesome Parents, Baby, Famous Movie, Coolest Parents, Kid

Darth Vader Starbucks coffee sign

Olaf as a storm trooper! Cute!


"Miguel and Tulio! Tulio and Miguel! Mighty and powerful gods!" I used to love The Road to Elderado.

Unknown, successful plot to assassinate Hitler! This is amazing.

Star Wars Yoga

Social dynamics of medieval fairies

The Empire's new mascot. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Damn, I love that cat!: Cats, Stuff, Grumpycat, Star Wars, Funny, Dark Side, Grumpy Cat, Starwars

Busy Day for the StromTroopers: Storm Troopers, Life, Stuff, Funny, Star Wars, Stormtroopers, Storms, Starwars

If Darth Vader would have been there...

Tigger Solo and Chewie the Pooh

Sad clone day.

I'd better take a Wookie with me.

New Disney Star Wars Movies... That Darth Vader one is disturbing when you think about it http://ziggacakedup.com/