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    Tell if an Egg is Bad--Place egg in bowl of cold water 2 x deeper than egg. Fresh sink to the bottom on their sides. Slightly older lie on the bottom but bob slightly. If egg balances on its small end, w large tip up, it’s appx 3 wks old. Eggs that float on the surface shouldn't be eaten.

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    • Sorsha Dembrowicz

      How to tell if an egg is bad - Baking - Baking Tips - Baking Tricks - Food Tips - Cakes - Cupcakes - Sweets - Dessert - Bread - Feng Shui Design Your Events at - Subscribe for Exclusive Offers

    • Amanda Sobczak

      egg freshness... I've been doing this for years and I've never cracked open a bad egg

    • Sarah Emerson

      egg freshness- good to know since I'm a spaz about getting a bad egg.

    • Sarah Rizzle

      Yes! I always forget which one is good! No more eating bad eggs :)

    • N.M. B.

      Cooking Tip ~ How to test for Egg freshness ... nice to know!

    • ABC Catering

      Your guide to egg freshness! #Schwans #kitchen #tips #tricks

    • Brooke Parker

      egg freshness...I had no idea.

    • Justine Marz

      egg freshness- helpful hints

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    another simple, yet brilliant idea :)

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