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    How to Make an Easy Boho Beaded Bracelet | Happy Crafting | Blitsy

    If you learn one new medium this summer, let it be how to weave. It's one of those centuries old traditions that is both practical (in certain forms) and beautiful and can be sort of soothing to the soul. Wall hangings are a great way to cut your teeth on weaving and add instant charm to your space. This tutorial is a simple wall hanging with a few different elements...

    I'm back with the second of three installments of Weaving Class to teach you how to make simple shapes and customize your wall hanging with a little paint and fun tassels. In the first class we covered the general tools you need to get started and set the foundation with a few basic things you need to know to create your first wall hanging. If you find yourself getting stuck...

    enrHedando: Tesoros del mar y como engarzarlos


    How-to: Tribal Necklace by Ari of Boat People - YouTube

    DIY Shoulder Jewelry-How to Make a Special Pearl Body Jewelry

    Вязаный браслет из полимерной глины, мастер класс

    Make your own plastic canvas floral clutch! Click through for the full tutorial

    Como hacer trenzas rumanas. Simple, doble o 3D, aunque spighetta es una palabra sueca al parecer la ...

    DIY Sandalias boho + Mi maleta para IBIZA

    Chanel Inspired Flip Flops by Trinkets in Bloom

    ▶ How to make Parachute Cord Macrame Necklace - YouTube

    ▶ Filtro dos sonhos espiral - YouTube

    Crochet Barefoot Sandals Roundup - 10 free patterns for women and girls!

    Inventor´s Necklace

    DIY Copper PVC Wall Planter

    This is amazing! You can use real succulents on earrings and rings!


    Trash To Couture: DIY TSHIRT DRESS

    Mandala realizado con totora y aplique tejido en macramé

    Mandala de 50 cm de diámetro realizado con totora

    Go big and bright when you tie the knot with a stack of these bedazzled bracelets. A mix of vibrant paracord offers a bold, statement-sized twist to the traditional friendship bracelet; and the added sparkle of a few colorful gems will make your creation radiate fun all day long! To create: Cut two 70" pieces of paracord. Fold the two pieces in half. Fold the left cord over, under and through the right cord. Tighten and slide knot, leaving a loop two-fingers wide. This is a half hitch knot. Repeat in the opposite direction, folding over the right cord, then under and through the left cord. Tighten and slide the knot. Continue making knots working left to right until the bracelet is long enough to wrap around your wrist. Gather both sides of the cord and tie a single regular knot. Snip the ends and burn the tips with a lighter to seal the cord.Always burn at the blue part of the flame for a clean melt and to prevent smoking. Use a dab of glue to adhere your gem embellishments. Let dry for a few minutes before wearing.