www.suemcnenly.ca - Beautiful vignettes in fine silver, gold and mixed media materials. Love the idea of taking jewelry, mixing it with sculpture, story and life and creating an all new expression of technique, material and voice! Now that's revolutionary ;-)

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Lifeovereasy - http://lifeovereasy.com/mamma-bird-loves-sue-mcnenly/

Lifeovereasy - http://lifeovereasy.com/mamma-bird-loves-sue-mcnenly/

Lee Bontecou mixed media modernist assemblage sculpture art

Cool crumpled tissue mixed media art

Temari, is a Japanese thread ball, which is a symbol of perfection. There is a long history about the weaving of thread to create this artwork....Photo by...Nana Akua.

Sue McNenly creates amazingly detailed and intricately designed boxes and vignettes out of fine material (silver, gold, pearls). Her work captures the feeling of wonder she experienced as a small child while viewing that marvel of miniature engineering (like the Queen's Doll House at Windsor Castle). Be sure to check her out www.SueMcNenly.ca

Woven Orbit Bracelet - Added to the woven band are 2 hammered wires woven together off to the side to create an asymmetrical bracelet. Nestled in the nexus of the 2 wires are sterling silver beads and 2 Black Melanite Garnets. Sarah Thompson

COPPER CASCADE, 2000, 10” w x 46”, Machine knit coated copper, fine silver crochet

wow!!!! whose are these tho ... Artist? Top Image : Theresa Martin

Fine silver & Labradorite Pendant by Vaasvara {inspiration}

New York artist Jim Hodges has created these beautiful works. It's hard to get an idea of scale in these images.

Herb Williams Crayon Wildfire Sculptures | 21 Works Of Art For The Office Supply Fetishist InYou

Louise Richardson: Telling tales. - Steel nails.

Silver link necklace with pod medallions by DiPiazzaMetalworks


Necklace | 2Roses Designs. 'HiTek Filagree' Sterling silver and recycled circuit boards


play with torch-fired enamel, then set over solid sheet of silver or ... Teal and white silver pendant

lime green and aqua blue by nina bagely