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    Love this place. I have been to the sanctuary in Watkins Glenn. The people were amazing and the animals were so sweet. Miss my poor Pumpkin!

    Farm Sanctuary

    farm sanctuary...

    Farm Sanctuary rescues

    At Ngamba Island Sanctuary, Uganda

    Piglets from Brightside Farm Sanctuary frolicking is like a VALENTINE TO MY HEART.

    This calf with a heart-shaped birthmark is REAL! He was born on my friend's farm in Jasper, NY! ♥

    Animals are not slaves.


    Not Your Mom Not Your Milk Vegan Animal Rights by VeganVeins

    go #vegan

    Veganism is a social justice movement, recognize the equal moral value of all #vegan

    ANIMAL RIGHTS We need to Lear how to live around them and RESPECT any specie because they belong to this world too, and WE are part of a chain.

    Animals are NOT ours.

    so adorable & peaceful

    This is what most don't understand...those free range and grass fed animals must be killed in the same slaughterhouse as non free range and grass fed animals. How is that more humane when there last moments of life are spent in fear and pain?

    Shocking Satellite Photo of Feedlot Waste Lagoon Goes Viral

    end the cruelty - go #vegan

    cute mini animal called a dik dik.. technically an antelope, but looks like a deer. they can grow anywhere from 8-16 inches & weigh 15-17 pounds

    slow come back of the mighty Buffalo!

    Live vegan.