Because every dream home needs an awesome place to read...and hide! Or an emergency spare bed

Awesome room

How cool. I'm totally putting one of these in my house when I build the two-story library.

Probably one of the smartest things I've seen in a while. How many homes have absolutely wasted space like this? Click to see the After picture

Love this ladder!

Hide the bed. - 20 Tiny Bedroom Hacks Help You Make the Most of Your Space

Loft library

One day.

Best Fridge EVER

Cynthia Console by Hooker Furniture at Neiman Marcus.

Laundry area design that works well as you age in place. #aginginplace #universaldesign

Chairs from Nowhere by Orla Reynolds. Secret table and chairs hide in shelves.

Bookcase ladder to loft


Solitude chamber! Would love to have something like this linked to the house via a tunnel maybe! What a lovely place to storm-watch and sky-watch!

Amazing laundry

Dream room

clock face window in brooklyn loft

Library Style Kitchen

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

big couch bed