Because every dream home needs an awesome place to read...and hide! Or an emergency spare bed

Loft library

Barn doors | great way to hide washer & dryer.

Laundry area design that works well as you age in place. #aginginplace #universaldesign

Awesome room

How cool. I'm totally putting one of these in my house when I build the two-story library.

Wow. This may be an answer to my attic room. A wall opened up from living room and steps going up to extra bedroom from there!!!!!!! I have been looking for this design.

Dream room

Windows in stairwell with reading nook

french doors to bedroom

tiered shelves that mirror your steps

Love reading nooks

reading nook

So many cool things in one place!


Reading nook - I like little hideways and secret rooms in a home - of course, in my house there would kitties napping.

Built in bunk beds.

home libraries