Star Rutile in Quartz.

Rutile Star inside Quartz **rutile are the gold strands in the quartz

Rutile starburst in Quartz

Star Rose Quartz

Rutile in Quartz

Rutilated Quartz, Brazil

Medusa Quartz / Quartz with Gilalite inclusions

Tourmaline with Quartz - Brazil


Rutile Stars in Quartz

Lazulite in Quartz

Rhodochrosite with Plumes | Argentina

Pyrite inclusions in Quartz--whoa

|| A slice of the Fukang meteorite. When it slammed into the surface of Earth, there was little sign of the beauty that lay inside. But cutting the Fukang meteorite open yielded a breathtaking sight. Within the rock, translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine gleamed among a silvery honeycomb of nickel-iron.

Quartz with Lepidocrocite

Rutilated quartz

Stunning Rainbow Quartz Rutile Sphere Clean quartz with feldspar as rutile needles bed and sparkling rainbow foils.

Quartz Crystal

Zebra agate in quartz, Brazil