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Hey, might as well, cuz you can't please everyone ;-)

Well said.

I work well

Ever have one of those days?

.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

Well said.

Well played

Don't save your good stuff - Show what you got!

You is kind. You is smart. You is important. You is going to be late. - best alarm sequence!

this is you, borrowing my skateboard 60 years from now.. @Blanche C. Devereaux

How cool would this be hung by the front door? Also, one of my favorite sayings.

diet coke, love

Wouldn't we?!?!?

ha ha this made me laugh


it's pretty lost by now...

This is what I imagine one of my dogs would be like when going to the vet, "carry me Momma"!

Mondays - Mondays arent so bad, it's your job that sucks perspective

A girl: "I've always had a thing for nerdy guys.. what can I say?" A guy: Yeah, right! and I am the biggest nerd! Only if I can find girl to listen...

Don't talk to any more don't leave me any messages on here because the truth is you make me feel like shit , there is enough people in my life who already do this , you make me feel like I come second best every fucking time , her feelings are always more important , making sure she is ok always comes first , all of this is never going to change