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from Greek Hospitality

Gigantes Plaki sto Fourno (Baked Giant Beans

Today's lunch Gigantes Plaki (Greek giant beans) in the oven. I am trying to cook for two but it turned out so much, will be giving some to my neighbour and still I think we will be freezing some for next week as well.

Healthy, full of fiber and filling, gigantes plaki (γίγαντες πλακί), is a common mezze all over Greece. Gigantes, or giant white beans, are slow-baked in a tomatoey sauce until they are creamy and caramelized. The beans — also called gigandes, yigandes, elephant beans or butter beans — can be substituted with lima beans. The Turkish version uses red beans. 6 to 8 servings

Follow Last year, one of the stops during my vacation to Greece was to Kastoria. Kastoria is the capital city of the Prefecture of…Kastoria. It’s located in northern Greece, northwestern Macedonia. This region of Greece is located on fertile, elevated plateaus and the economy is centered around its long history of fur trading, tourism and …