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this picture inspired me this morning. too bad i can't locate the source! #cantstandtumblr

To catch them "breaking the rules" and let them get away with it. Childhood is too short.

Childhood by Thomas Hawk, via Flickr

Delight in Light - This could be painted/traced onto a garden wall or fence for an unusual conversation piece.

remember when the only cares you had in the world was if you could beat your best friend at a hoola-hoop contest? the days when you spent hours outside, trying the master that skill…

Tell the story of this child's adventure. Also, tell about some memorable childhood adventures that you have had.

drinking from the hose...i can't remember if we couldn't come inside or if we simply didn't want to come inside, or maybe both...but i know we drank from the hose and liked it.

The first thing I thought of as soon as I saw this photo, brought back memories from my childhood. It reminded me of the time my cousin and I were swinging on the front gate at my nana's and I fell right over the gate and smashed my head into the footpath.. Now, 19 years later I have a scar on my forehead to remind of the first time I had to get stitches.. And to never swing on gates ever again

I swear the whovian in me is shouting, "count the shadows!!!"

Proverbs 13 says, "Trouble chases sinners, but blessings chase the righteous." You are the righteous. Expect a blessing.