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The boundaries of the Bermuda Triangle vary with the author; some say its shape is like a trapezoid covering the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas & the entire Caribbean island area east to the Azores; others add the Gulf of Mexico. The more familiar, 'triangular' boundary has as its points somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico; & the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, with most of the accidents concentrated along the southern boundary of the Bahamas & the Florida…

This is the Kuwait oil fields burned by the retreating Iraqi forces near the end of the 1991 Persian Gulf War.This is often labelled as "multiple tornadoes" but is in fact a photo of the burning oil wells. One of the worst environmental disasters ever.

Moon and sand. This feels almost mournful. Where there is sand was once an ocean that was moved by the moon.

Glass House - Lake Abraham, Alberta, Canada. Bubbles trapped and frozen under a thick layer of ice creating a glass type feel to the frozen lake // photo by Paul Christian Bowman, Jan 15, 2013

The Great Blue Hole of Belize is 1000ft across and 460ft deep and forms an almost perfect circle. It has been a favorite fishing ground for Belizean fishermen for hundreds of years and in 1970 it was introduced to the public by Jacque Cousteau whom on his boat the Calypso charted the Blue Hole for the first time and highlighted its wonders in a TV documentary.