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And I also wish I lived someplace that wasn't so stinking hot, thus making this a more reasonable request. Loved this from the sales pitch: "What is it about a grocer’s bicycle basket that makes everybody sigh with nostalgic lust....?! "

Bicycle basket w pink plaid blanket, bottle of ginger ale or wine and journal to write in. The makings of a perfect afternoon spent outside Sonoma Style.

I want to get a bicycle with a basket in the front just big enough to hold Molly Wiggins and perhaps a few flowers. Then we can go off on little adventures together.....

Quiero una cesa asi para mi bicicleta, en cuanto la customice con washi va a ser preciosa. Si algún dia la termino...

wish i had a pink bike with a basket full of flowers :)

This is a perfect picnic basket to take to Carmel for the day. Now, just get some wine and glasses and we are all set. Oh and maybe a hat..........

Color Crush: Earthy Tones For Fall | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Looking for one of these baskets for my new cruiser bike. So looking forward to summertime picnics!

This is my bike exactly, except mine is turquoise. It's nice to ride it up to the library and through the parks when it's not 100+ degrees outside for over 70 consecutive days in a row.

Bright lights in the Suburbs.

A ride in the country with a tartan blanket for stops along the way.