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Perfectly safe day at the beach...🐳 *Whale*: I wanna surf too!😩 🏄🏻:😑


Japanese Firefly squid.

Japanese Firefly

Alaska... one in a billion photo The photo was taken at the entrance to Katlian Bay at the end of the road in Sitka , Alaska . The whale is coming up to scoop up a mouthful of herring. The kayaker is a local Sitka Dentist. He apparently didn't sustain any injuries from the terrifying experience. The whale's mouth is fully open with the bottom half under the boat. Look at the picture again - He is in the whale's MOUTH! by Mark Tennant.

io9from io9

An Uplifting Dolphin Story. Literally.

Dolphins and whales playing

As manatees cant survive in water below 60 degrees, they migrate to Kings Bay and the adjacent rivers every winter, which are an average 72 degrees all year round. So from November through March 2012, you can head to Crystal River, which is 70 miles north of Tampa, where it is the epicenter of manatee-watching, and go swim with these giant but affectionate creatures. This looks so fun! @sonia Greer do this for me!!