My kids are very interested in other cultures and languages. Little Pim is an interactive and entertaining way to investigate more about Chinese words and sounds. #pbscuriosity

10 books about China and Chinese New Year

Culture & Movement Activity for Kids. Get kids bodies moving with this fun activity with the Chinese Calendar. Social Studies & PE at the same time. Sounds awesome :)

Chino... evolution of Chinese characters 木/林/森,火/焱/焚,人/从/丛/众,囚/困/

Chinese language tree! Fun for kids to see how much history there is to the Chinese language!

nursery art - barn animals - chinese


All About Me Preschool Theme - Mommys Little Helper (has other units- apples, caterpillar, letter B...etc)

Numbers are used wayyyy more effectively and efficiently. | 15 Reasons Why Learning Chinese Is Easier Than English



Suggested thematic reading list for Chinese New Year - Chinese New year books for kids.


Explore Other Cultures & Languages With Your Family

Take your students to 13 countries using this wonderful product! Rotate through different teachers or teach it on you own. Included: Booklet Cover Passport Page (4 to choose from with different levels of difficulty) Posters of People Posters of Flags Flag Match Game And More!

Teach your children about the Chinese New Year! Perfect for the Primary Grades.

FREE Two morning messages with a Chinese New Year theme.

:) #Chinese #language #verbs #中文

FREE - Chinese New Year Tracing Fu (good luck)

Protect the Earth: An Earth Day Mini-Book (Freebie)