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the sweetest pic i have ever seen...

oh, how this picture touches my heart.how I remember my two little ones taking this same precious pose when I would trickle warm water on them at bath time.then they would laugh their sweet baby laugh. Memories, warm, lovely, and beautiful!

Traditional #Baby #Girl Names

Can't wait until my twin nieces get a little older. Twin sisters at the river. Most adorable bathing suits!

playing peek a boo...melts my heart.

The Mysterious "Shy Guy"

Love it!I laughed when i saw this So Adorible !! Baby laughs are the best!!

Laughing so hard that your belly hurts is one of the greatest gifts in life! When you're planning your amazing wedding, don't forget to surround yourself with people who bring you joy!

Love this as a pic idea for my girls!! Super cute n easy to do at home!! Edit it to how u like it ;)

Baby girl in pink heels! Lehman can we PLEEEEASE get a picture of Ester like this? I'll be willing to lend the high heels for it!

pouting in pigtails. Every parent should have at least one photo of their child pouting. Too cute.

Must admit, I have moments when I feel like this. Love the freedom of this age - making this face just when you feel like it!

Black and white version of father kissing his newborn baby's little toes. ♥

baby girl newborn photo ideas---love this picture. father needs special photo moment with new baby since mom typically gets most of them - Fendley DO THIS! Baby the Memories.,newborn pics,newborns,Photo I

I brought Baby Bray with Braylee! By the way~ Congrats to Bray and Luke i love you both and hope the best for you. im going to leave baby bray with you all for tonight. bye -Niall

2-4 year old waking up at night

So cute. If I had a little girl I would most definitely have a quilt on her bed. There's nothing better than feeling cozy, safe, and warm and that's even more important for a precious little one.

baby photography inspiration  by ashley nicole photography

Birthday Baby photography inspiration Is this not the cutest thing ever? Cute little baby Babies

Child in Church Archival Photo Poster Print Masterprint at AllPosters.com

Child in Church Archival Photo Poster Print

We lived behind a church where my little brother was called over to sing in front of the entire congregation. Gary loved singing just like this little boy in the picture Out of the mouth of babes there is perfected praise."Sing Unto The Lord" !