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you're knockin' my socks off - behavior plan

Magic Pocket Name- Great idea for behavior management.

I might be a little addicted to the ideas in this blog. :) Another behavior management idea from Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Ping Pong Prizes. #education #classroom #teaching

numbers1 - love!

My new freebie! It gets the whole group behaving, tables groups working together, and even rewards kids individually! Swoon!

Great FREE rewards for PBIS/classroom behavior management from Create. Cook. Teach.: Free Rewards & PBIS

Reward coupons for positive behavior management - 25 different student incentives!

Reward for good behavior... earn a body part for Mr. Potato Head! (Lunch points?!?!?!)

cute! great way to control classroom behavior

Mystery Walker. This one has saved me so many headaches! Once we are all lined up and ready to leave the classroom, I choose a name from the bucket and put it in my pocket. This is our "mystery walker'. I keep my eyes on this child while we are walking in the hall. If this child has been on his/her best behavior, he/she gets to pick a prize from my treasure box when we get back to class.

All Students Can Shine: Monday Made It - Classroom Management

Behaviour Motivation - Write each child’s name on one end of a craft stick and store the sticks name down in a cup labeled “Mystery Student.” Choose a behavior and write it on the board. Select a stick, but don't reveal the name. Throughout the lesson, monitor for the behavior. If he achieves the goal behavior, reveal his identity and reward him (sitting at the teacher’s desk, writing with a special pen, etc). If not, tell the class that there was not a winner this time.

The Simplest Classroom Management System Ever! I just wonder if this would work for middle school. I like how it's very basic and doesn't require constant rewards. Even so, I would want to be able to recognize single students...

behavior management

Once Upon a First Grade Adventure: Classroom Management - Freebies! Wheel of Choice, Individual Modified Behavior Plan, and Cool Down Spot Poster

Keep on personal clipboard and sub clipboard

Great ideas for rewards in the classroom that don't cost anything!

Behavior Bingo

"This is one of my FAVORITE classroom management tools!! It can be soooo time consuming to answer the questions...Can we use markers?, Do we turn this in?, Is this a talking activity? I love using these assignment choice signs to answer those questions without me doing the work. Once I give directions for an activity, I quickly place checks and X's by the cards and my students know exactly where to look for the answer."

FREE Behavior Punch Card! No more sticker charts and running out of stickers!