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365 Project---Day 227: Must be silly Saturday! Amusing myself while waiting in the car for Josh while he was in the Hasty Market!

365 Project---Photo #57: Week 3 and we now have a little hairy leaf sprouting on my Rudbeckia Triloba!!

365 Project---Day 320: They're still out there! This poor Jack is rotting, full of water and leaves, but still smiling!

365 Project---Day 149: We re-potted our cherry tomato plants this afternoon. They are growing beautifully--- the kids are loving being 'gardeners in training'!

365 Project---Day 155: Poisonous Climbing Nightshade. Very prolific in the alley between Harrison and William Sts. where I cut through to and from work.

365 Project---Day 362: The beginning of the storm arriving---bitterly cold wind and icy snowflakes! Little Francie was very glad to get back home!

365 Project---Day 167: I have to smile every time I see this likely futile attempt to deter copper thieves!

365 Project---Day 304: I love Halloween! I grabbed my camera and went walking at 6:30pm and took pics of Jack-O-Lanterns on porches! It was just great!