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MudPies & Rainbows: Some Fairy Door Inspiration....

Elf parties. Nope.

Upcycled Jewelry Holder - No. It's a cheese grater with ear rings stuck in it.

Kennedy's Favorite Things - A first birthday party that was nicer than my wedding.

PERFECT for getting clutter off the fridge and countertops! - And....put it inside my cupboards so it can fall on me every time I fling open a door???

And this right here is why I am not a food blogger. Holy crap that's a lot of work for a picture.


Washer & Dryer Makeover: Temporary, Fast & Just $8 A Beautiful Mess | Apartment Therapy - I have to decorate my washer and dryer now too? Must everything be adorned?

Gift wrapped switch plates. Knock that shit off right now.

Boots that look like shoes on bare legs (Prada, $1,500)-- At first I thought these were hideously ugly...then I found out they were high fashion. CHIC!

A Face-Off Outside Dallas in the Escalating Battle Over Texas’ Gun Culture - WTF? Terrorizing moms eating their lunch.

Remote Control Headband: You will never look for the pesky remote again. And also look awesome while watching your favorite shows!

Lydot, baby sunglasses- pacifier. Pretty impractical but also kind of cool.

baby tattoo - WTF?

Why didn't they fix Lea's pony tail before doing the tattoo? They always did like Lara more.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game. No. Gross!

Ballistic Backpack - armored child's backpack, brought to you by Disney. NO.

reusable toilet paper. Yuck.

Groundhog's day muffins. Stop it. Do not celebrate groundhog's day.

Fascinating gifts made from your breast milk | BabyCenter Blog - blech.

F/W 11 Alexander McQueen - and where do I wear these?

"Night Out" Bra!

"For laundry room...instead of the ugly tide bottle, use a drink dispenser for detergent." Stop it.

Free Printables: Monogrammed iPhone Charger Labels. Stop it. You do NOT need to monogram your iPhone charger. Ugh.

Offended by a naked Barbie doll? Give her a body suit. WTF??