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A turtle swims with its baby on its back in a pool in Hanshan Temple on the outskirts of Suzhou, east China's Jiangsu Province. Photo: Wang Jianzhong

turtle.. Umm, thank you pinterest for my nightmares ahead of time tonight..looks enough like a snake that close up

water turtles as pets - I had two of my own, and every time I went to Newberry's Store I would head to the pet section and look at them.

Great, now I need a turtle and knitting lessons.

Little ninja #turtles ... I had one when I was a little girl ... he was a great pet. These guys are SO adorable ♥

A very cute turtle you dont see very often

The Diving Turtle is a symbol of creation from the North American Indians, and is part of the inspiration for the Daliesque Earth Diver, original art-jewellery. Silver pendant & chain necklace with 23kt gold vermeil diving helmet and enamel. #GiftAStory