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The Comanche were a branch of the Shoshoni. They left the Rocky Mountains early in the 18th century, migrating to the Plains to become the most famous of the Texas Plains tribes. They made life extremely hazardous for the caravans attempting to cross the Santa Fe Trail. Their warlike culture was feared throughout the Southwest

Kids bored? Get out the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math)!

It ain't fair you died too young like a story that had just begun but death tore the pages all away..

Ayrton Senna & Alain Prost. The Greatest Driver line up of all time and watching their rivalry develop was mesmerising ! Incredibly, after all the bitterness, they became friends. Such a pity that Ayrton left us all far too early, I've no doubt that he would have been World Champion in the Williams Cars in 1994,1995,1996 & 1997.

I'm sorry I left too early, my beloved family. I will wait for you, forever....because you loved me.

New York is all like here’s summer and sunshine early this year, but I have way too many blossom photos left to accept defeat and give up on spring just yet.

Musical Chairs Writing! When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off. 10 minute intervals...or with alphabet and numbers :) Perfect for WL class too!

So I saw (or I think I did) a gravestone with the name "Fitzsimmons" on it.....not cool at all.. Too early