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    Gonna try this on my daughter's hair next time we have extra "hair time" in the morning.

    Hairstyles For Girls - Hair Styles - Braiding - Princess Hairstyles

    Cute blog with lots of hairstyle ideas for little girls (and some other tutorials as well).

    Little girls hairstyles. Hopefully I can figure out how to style her hair since I'm lucky if I can put mine in a ponytail

    How to do a twisted ponytail // love this look! I love this, but my hair is so thick that I don't know if I could pin it back like in the third step, it always falls out really fast when I try to do similar things.

    They have so many styles on their facebook page. I can't wait until lovebug's hair is longer. I will just have to be more creative on my end until her hair grows...

    Lots of little girl hairdos! My daughter and I love to find new things to do with her hair.

    Fun hair styles for girls. Short or long hair....I wish my daughter didn't scream bloody murder when I brush her hair! Maybe one day...

    Criss cross pig tails...@Harmony Packard, how cute would Avery look with her hair done like this?!

    Hairstyles For Girls - Hair Styles - Braiding - Princess Hairstyles