• Johannah Priesing

    7 Reasons to Get Married Before Your Big Wedding Day: Why I Tied The Knot Early | Bustle

  • Francesca O

    23 things that have a completely different meaning when you're in a long term relationship

  • Rachael Childress

    UP themed wedding oh my god if I ever get married to whoever Everyone can bring their dogs There will be a big fake waterfall. The guest book will be an Adventure Book. There will be a cute mailbox with handprints on it for people to leave wishes in. Giant balloon centerpieces on every table. Grape Soda pins for all the guests. Bright colorful bouquet Sno Cones bar. Jesus I’ve never thought about a wedding like that O.o

  • azie

    18 Secrets People In A Long-Term Relationship Won't Tell You

  • Mallory Buttrum

    From the movie UP. Great movie!

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