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Community Post: 18 Reactions We All Had While Watching FROZEN

Basically anytime Sven did something cute or adorable: | 18 Reactions We All Had While Watching FROZEN - I didnt even look at the post, I'm just pinning because of this GIF!!!

I don't know why...but I just REALLY love this gif of Kristoff. I just feel like the animators perfectly captured the face of someone that is trying to give up on the person they love; to let them go but doesn't want to

Who says you have to stop seeing the world with wonder in your eyes when you grow up?

They got married in the same church they had Ellie's funeral in :,(


My favorite quote from the entire movie…

Basically my favorite line in the whole movie



Up: my second favorite Disney movie after The Lion King. I am such an emotional sob-head! Just about every Disney movie can make me cry or generate a feeling of sympathy. I was crying in the first ten minutes of this!!!!

Rapunzel & Flynn.. Look at him holding her hair for her. What a gentleman.