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    • Krystina Perry

      Greek yogurt substitutions! This really works pretty well! I use plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream all of the time. I even replace mayo in egg salad with it, yum!

    • Katie Harrison

      Helpful Chobani Conver

    • Karie Freeman

      Sub in Greek yogurt for a healthy recipe re-do - I'll have to test this out...I kind of think in the case of cream cheese there's no way it could be as good, but for mayo and sour cream I think it'd be a great substitute.

    • Gloria Bauer

      Substitute Greek yogurt for a healthy recipe alternative.

    • K K

      Good ways to lower fat content in foods are to substitute the fattening item for a lower fat option. Chobani has some great tips to substitute Greek yogurt for almost anything fattening in recipes. #greekyogurt #healthy

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