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so that's why they don't like them..... snow left his children and Coin didn;t approve of Peeta and Katniss so she worked together with Snow to part them....

I just finished The Hunger Games series. How am I supossed to live now?

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I don't think that'll fit into my pocket... * infommercial plays * 'Have you ever wished you could bring a giant life raft as your token into the Quarter Quell, but remembered it can't fit into your pocket? Well not anymore!!!!! Introducing, raft in a PACK!!! It fits in your pocket like a moldy ham sandwich.'

Me-"I just did not want Finnick to die. I really hope (kind of) that they cut this out. I guess they could make it work. Or they could find him after they got back to where they lived. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! Like "FINNICK YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!!!! FINNICK JR. AN I MISSED YOU!!!"

  • Marissa Raquel

    Exactly! Where did you see that he was staying alive in the movie?

  • Jackie Harris

    I saw it on Pinterest and I think maybe on some other site... It said it was Suzanne Collins approved. I don't THINK it's a hoax, but it's possible

  • Jackie Harris

    I think the other place I saw it was on THG Facebook page or maybe yahoo homepage. It was a several months back

  • Marissa Raquel

    Yeah I remember seeing the rumors about it but I never came across the official report. I hope it it a hoax. Although I miss Finnick I don't think it would be good to change the storyline that much. Seems too drastic of a change to me.

  • Artimis Everdeen

    #sensitive baker problems

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I feel like I grew up with these guys… Did anyone else start tearing up when they saw this? nope just me. not likely

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"The Hunger Games" Propaganda PSAs

Awkward realizations from the hunger games. Game maker is my personal fave - the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

  • Claudia Miller

    Nooooooo ENSERIO???

  • Caroline Bauer

    Gales is Thor's little brother, not the God of thunder himself

  • Monica Dewey

    The awkward moment when you know Hunger Games so well, none of those facts surprise you, because you knew them already

GIVE IT TO ME!!!! --------No seriously, you don't understand. I am 24 years old. But you tell me when and where and I'll be first in line with my glasses and my wand.

FINNICK!!!!!!!!! WHY??????????