This is such a gorgeous picture... Can I just be you?!

I've been considering coloring my hair again, and I loved Jennifer Lawrence's color in The Hunger Games. This is a bit more red, but I like it!

I hope my daughter looks up to someone like Jennifer Lawrence as her idol instead of someone like Miley Cyrus.

Jennifer Lawrence I love this! Girls need to know that beauty is not found in waist size or a number on a scale. Jennifer Lawrence is so down-to-Earth and honest. She's talented, funny and a positive role model.

Jennifer Landon

Jennifer Landon - Heather Stevens - The Young and The Restless, In real life daughter of the late Michael Landon

Jennifer Lawrence #jlaw #diamondsareagirlsbestfriend

Jenifer Lawrence great actress real women and really funny ROLE MODEL

Jennifer Lawrence has been acting since she was 14!

30 Under 30: The hottest young actors taking over Hollywood

Here are the awesome funny and creative hair styles of Jennifer Lawrence, who appeared in the Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.


Jennifer Lawrence in GUCCI. she's my new favorite celebrity; love her!

Él dio un paso más cerca, y sentí mi aliento apresurarse. Su piel era más oscura que la mía, más áspera. Él no era lo suficientemente lindo como para ser apuesto. - Hush Hush

Choosing a Shade of Red Hair Color

Red hair is vibrant and beautiful, but not every shade of red hair color will suit every single person. Discover the perfect shade of red for your hair.