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The world’s urban population is growing, but problems associated with migration to cities are not inevitable.

Help your clients really shine with this simple personal and career coaching exercise. This great coaching tool asks your clients to look at their favourite strengths (rather than their weaknesses) and find ways to boost them in their lives!

When asked why the NYC Animal Care & Control executes so many animals, Risa Weinstock stated, at a public forum "Because animals get sick. They get very sick," absolving herself and the NYC Department of Health of their complicity in the fact that animals are being made sick in the shelters.

Want to get your clients really clear about what they want from working with you? This coaching goals form asks your client to specifically define what they want from their coaching relationship.

War on women - Birth control, using it means that person has taken responsibility for their decisions, not because they are a 'slut'. And many married women, considered by some to be the only respectable way a woman should have sex, take birth control too.

Caregiver Tip

Caregiver Tip: “Find people to support you. Those who won’t accept “I’m fine” when asked how you are doing. People who can really listen are best.” – Christine Sotmary