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I'll be honest, I'm not good at sticking up for myself. I'll stick up for others, all day long, but myself? No. I make enemies because they're jealous. Jealous of me smiling or cheering. Well I'm going to let them be jealous, because jealousy is a sin.

I've been looking for inspirational quotes to create a stenciled wall hanging with...came across this on a friends blog...found my inspiration.... fell in love...this project will definitely be under way soon!!!

It is well with my soul...1.paint a piece of wood white ANY SIZE. 2.take a newpaper or sheet music for any song. 3.modgepodge it onto a piece of wood 4.put letter stickers and pictures on the wood (purchase at micheals) 5. paint everything with a wood paint. 6. let dry fully 7. peel off letters and stickers (be careful) 8. modgepodge the entire thing, let dry.

from Etsy

Weird Print, Wall Art, Typography Poster, Black and White, I Am not Weird I Am Limited Edition