Tango. sensuale

argentinatangoshoes: “Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires streets~ Argentina Tango Shoes ~ ”


When you feel sad, dance to the music that lights up your soul, that energizes your cells, that lifts your spirit and awakens the energy inside you.

My little girl will be a dancer. Until she says otherwise.

baby ballerina, I want to take photos at a ballerina studio fun pic! beautiful photo Dance,just dance,Kids

My inner landscape

This is one of the cutest thing I have ever seen. I so want to do a picture like this with one of the little girls at the studio at some point!


Ricky Babbit and Lucy Simms at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem. 1939 found photo print ad street style late early vintage fashions style War Era WWII swing dance dress lindy hop shoes hair flowers men suit

Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds, 1952.

Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds / Singin' in the Rain, Love this photo and the musical.