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True there are soo many types of art that it would be just 'EH'. EX: Art, Music, Dancing, Food, Nature, ect

7 Ways To Find And Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

The earth without art is just eh! This is so true, a world without colour and inspiration, is a world without true meaning. I love this!

Baylinn) no one ever comes to this part of the gardens, but I believe it is gorgeous. I sit there playing my guitar and softly singing. (A guard, royal or maid please if you want to rp)

Field of grass during golden hour with girl playing guitar Love the photo, very cool set up photography.

The Barricade Boys. They are each are so different from each other in the book, but I love them all.

MY BOYS. This will help me know the names of the Barricade boys, because sadly, I only know enjolras, Marius, gavroche and grantaire

Insta: camille_campos89

Insta: camille_campos89