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I've got a secret ~ no, I really can't tell! (even if I wanted to.........) oh, I really want a kitten!!!!!!

"A cat will allow you to sleep on the bed--on the edge." --Jenny DeVries

017/365 - Observándome des del hemisferio sur | Looking at me from the south hemisphere by Marc Mateos, via Flickr

Chris Illman....I'm going to sneak up on that mouse!

* * " I haz question. WHY do peoples say de haz repinned somethin' and whenz you go to their board, it's not there? I meanz, like NEVER. Dey beez liars den ?"

This makes me think of a middle aged, irish, ginger haired man.

sweet tabby kitten white shirt cute. looks just like my baby girl.

Kitten and purple flowers. Support "Southern California Cat Adoption Tails" www.catadoptionta....

* * CAT THOUGHT: " Someones left rose petals around meez, thinkin' I wuz a dead kitteh. How'z nice of dem."

God please hear my prayer. God please forgive me for my sins and bless the sick and give hope to the people that are going through tough times in their life. Amen