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Loved Millie Middle, she was my first Little Kiddle doll.

Liddle Kiddles Coloring Book -- This shows the original 10 Kiddles: Greta Griddle (table), Liddle Diddle (baby), Babe Biddle (car), Millie Middle (sandbox), Bunson Bernie (fireman), Calamity Jiddle, Florence Niddle, Biff Biddle (wagon), Sally Siddle (sailor)

Liddle Kiddles. These are the first ones from the early 60s. I was sooooo obsessed with Kiddles. But they were all my sister's and her friends.

Liddle kiddles. These were my imaginary friends. I wanted them to be alive sooooo bad!

1969 Liddle Kiddles ORANGE ICE Kone Doll Kiddle by CelwinsCloset-SHE was my 1st one!

"Little Kiddles" - Does anyone remember these? I had several! They all had this really strong "air freshener" type of perfume on their hair that went with their color and flower type... Like the purple one was "Violet"... I SWEAR I can still smell that "weird" violet perfume when I close my eyes and think of these!

Little Kiddles - I opened my Honeysuckle all the time--I loved her so much! But I eventually lost her. My big sister was more disciplined. She still has her lovely smelling Violet on her dresser to this day. Sure brings back some of my happiest childhood memories!

Ok, I'm dating myself here but when I was a little girl back in the 60's, my favorite dolls were Kiddles! Does anyone else remember these?

Little Kiddles... Uncle Elb gave me "Lexie" in her purple car. I already had the house.

Greta Griddle is in my treasure box! LOVE LIDDLE KIDDLES!!!

Image detail for -1960s ad for Liddle Kiddle house - Found in Mom's Basement