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cotton balls dipped in porcelain slip and fired

Filter Skins by Jessica Drenk coffee filters dipped in porcelain slip & fired

Doilys dipped in porcelain slip, draped over bowl form and kiln fired. Cotton burns away leaving bowls.

Jessica Drenk | Porcelain SkinsPORCELAIN SKINS This process involves dipping groups of cotton material into liquid porcelain, letting the liquidized clay penetrate the surface of the cotton balls, Q-tips, or napkins, and then firing these materials and clay together in a kiln. During firing, the cotton ignites and burns away, leaving only the porcelain as a husk of the original material that shaped it: a skin.


Waverly Print Fabric-Tangier Tiles/Ceramic

Home Decor Print Fabric-Waverly Tangier Tiles Ceramic

Jessica Drenk. Porcelain Skin IV. Gauze dipped in porcelain slip and fired. 6" tall.

Nuala O'Donovan, Porcelain, high-fired and unglazed.

Jessica Drenk - mop head dipped in porcelain slip and fired


Delicate Cream Cheese Pancakes

Two ingredient Cream Cheese Pancakes (cream cheese + egg). They look delicate and delicious!