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    Fairy Godfather

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    Fairy Godfather idea

    The Best Johnny Depp Costume All In One

    Bud Light Year I wonder if my son will do this when he is much older? He was Buzz Lightyear when he was little.

    Oh my... XD

    blue screen of death... ahhhh run away run away!

    Party inspired by The Godfather

    Random Funny Pictures – 73 Pics

    You sir, have won Halloween.

    My mother tells the dad jokes in my family -

    Dad illustrates things he said to his children My favorite was "Don't lick my arm! That's what weird kids do"

    I can't stop laughing at this!

    Real life


    Oh Will

    Awesome Childhood Halloween Costumes… Ok so I'm really only repinning this for Buzz dressed as Mrs. Nesbit. I keep talking about this and NO ONE REMEMBERS THIS SCENE! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU lol

    Awesome... Just... No words haha

    Officially the cutest Breaking Bad kids I've ever seen

    They win Halloween

    this kid........ i think he wins