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"Gentleness is a divine trait: nothing is so strong as gentleness and nothing so gentle as real strength" - Ralph W Stockman Helen Sanderson for Ministry of Calm To find out more about our philosophy of calm, please visit our websites: &

"Lorie in San Francisco you see is still just life. If you want any one thing too badly, its likely to turn out to be a dissappointment. The only healthy way to live life is to learn to...

Trumpeter swan ~ taken by Philip Dunn Recovering population in Michigan after being endangered. They still succomb to lead poisoning by feeding in the much in wetlands and ingesting lead shot.

Sometimes...Somewhere...Something... — ponderation: Silent Night by Robert Blair

No wonder Tchaikovsky wrote a ballet about women turned into these beautiful birds....

What Is Your Real Patronus?

The 'official' quiz told you that your Patronus was something rubbish like a wet dog or a sewer rat or something - but we know that's not really you. Find out what your real Patronus is!

Brandon Holden Photography - Swan