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How to Harvest Mint

How to Harvest and Use Mint - explains how to dry mint leaves. when plant reaches 8 inches tall cut 6 inches.

I bet that some of you don't know that basil is very easily propagated. Yes, if you cut it up correctly, you can get a bunch (I got twelve!) of lovely basil plants for your spring/summer enjoyment, out of just one plant. Check out the "recipe" here to see step-by-step instructions!

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How to Propagate a Rosemary Plant from Stem Cuttings

Learn how to take rosemary cuttings from an established mother plant.

Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate... Helps to produce bushier plants, produce more flowers, and deter pests. Great for the garden!

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How To Clone Your Herbs — Guest Post from Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl

Grow herbs from cuttings. Cuttings always mystified me-- obviously, the root goes in the ground, and the little stems are NOT the same thing. Sticking a random leaf in the ground shouldn't work-- but apparently it can, when done properly.

Want to grow your own Rosemary, the cheap & thrifty way? Rosemary cuttings! Place healthy sprigs in water and watch the roots grow-- great for kids!

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No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers

No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers | Dr Akilah El - Celestial Healing Wellness Center

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Make Your Own Topiary

Make Your Own Rosemary Topiary

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How to Cut Back Artichokes

----------->>><<<----------- Propiedades De La Alcachofa Aparte de favorecer el drenaje linfático y la limpieza del hígado, órgano encargado de la eliminación de toxinas (la celulitis), ayuda a reducir notablemente el colesterol malo y a su vez aumenta el bueno. También, debido a las fibras vegetales que nos aporta, es ideal para controlar el apetito, gracias a que absorbe el agua del estómago y produce una sensación de satisfacción.

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How to Root From a Cutting of a Blossoming Cherry Tree

Root cherry tree cuttings