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Rounding....5 or more, raise the score! 5 and above, give it a shove! 4 or less, give it a rest!

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Here's a game for rounding numbers to the nearest tens and hundreds.

FREE - Rounding Numbers to the Tens and Hundreds Places - 1 page

Rounding WITHOUT Rhyming. Teaching rounding through number sense, number lines and an understanding of numbers!

We are working on rounding numbers to the nearest ten this week. It's a tough one for my First Graders. We always do this chant to help them remember the rules for rounding.

FREEBIE! - A simple and fun game to help kids understand place value and comparing numbers! Included are 10 differentiated boards for students 1st through 4th grade! Students will learn place values: - Ones - Tens - Hundreds - Thousands - Ten Thousands - Hundred Thousands - Millions - Tenths - Hundredths - Thousandths

This pack contains a total of eighty (80) task cards divided into three (3) sets with an emphasis on helping students learn or practice on how to round numbers to the tens, hundreds, and thousands places.

FREE Rounding Numbers and Estimating Sums - 1 page. Subject: Elementary Math. This lesson requires students to round 2 - 5 digit numbers to the nearest Tens, Hundreds and Thousands Place. Students are also asked to estimate the sum or 3 - 4 digit numbers. Finally, there are 4 word problems for rounding to the nearest tens place.

Here's a set of games on rounding using a number line. Includes rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred.