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Scotland. Beneath the City Chambers on the Royal Mile lies Edinburgh's deepest secret - a warren of hidden streets where real people lived, worked and died between the 17th and the 19th centuries. These underground closes and witness some of the dramatic episodes and extraordinary apparitions from this site's fascinating and historically rich past.

Scotland's Incredible Garden of Cosmic Speculation - This beautiful and powerful staircase is called The Universe Cascade. It has 25 jumps of steps that represent how the universe unfolded over billions of years. As you climb the stairs, you need to look carefully as there are beautiful and mysterious items for you to sit at and contemplate on on each level.

Leakey’s Second-hand Bookshop, Iverness, Scotland: Situated in a refurbished Gaelic church, the store includes a bistro café and a roaring fireplace, so even if books aren’t your favourite past time, the old-world charm and history of Leakey’s is well worth the visit.

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Top 10 Historic Sites in Ireland

Picture of Knowth in Boyne Valley, Ireland, 3200BC--contains more prehistoric art than any other site in Ireland