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Mukhtar Mai is a Pakistani woman who, after being gang-raped, was expected to commit suicide. Instead, she prosecuted her attackers and used compensation money to start schools, a women's shelter and an organization to support women from around Pakistan.


Gisella Perl was forced to work as a doctor in Auschwitz during the Holocaust. She was ordered to report every pregnant woman to the physician Dr. Josef Mengele, who would use them in cruel experiments like vivisections before killing them. She would give them abortions before he found out to save them from this fate. After being rescued from the camp she tried to commit suicide, but survived, recovered and kept working as a gynecologist, delivering more than 3000 babies.


The first woman ever admitted to Harvard Med School. Truly inspiring. A Filipina woman named Fe del Mundo received an offer from the president of the Philippines for a full scholarship to attend any medical in the United States after graduating as valedictorian from the University of the Philippines in 1933. She decided to attend Harvard Medical School in 1936, even though HMS wasn’t admitting women at the time. Harvard only started officially accepting women to the medical school in 1945.


Honoring women for Women's History Month: Dr. Hawa Abdi with her daughters Amina and Deqa. These amazing women have provided food, shelter, and medical care to over 90,000 refugees who have fled the fighting in Mogadishu, Somalia, as well as essential training and education for nurses and midwives. They are saving lives every day, reducing maternal mortality by providing a clean environment for deliveries, and educating women & their children through a school & a women’s center they've…

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Extraordinary Women Of History You Need To Know Now

Fe del Mundo, Harvard Medical School’s first female student, was admitted because she was brilliant…and because they didn’t realize she was a woman. | Extraordinary Women Of History You Need To Know Now

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Taliban gun victim Malala recovering after 'successful' five-hour operations to fit skull with titanium plate and have an ear implant

Malala recovering after 'successful' five-hour operation to fit skull with titanium plate and have an ear implant Medical team 'very pleased' with schoolgirl's progress following surgery She was shot at point-blank range in October for standing up for women's rights and access to education. She has been nominated for Nobel Peace prize." #herstory #women's #History


Janet Harmon Waterford Bragg, 1932. Janet Bragg was a pioneer female African American pilot whose leadership in black pilot organizations in the 1930s created opportunities for others. She is seen here sitting on a fence at Harlem Airport, Chicago. SI-79-13664


Dr. Ida Scudder, 1870-1960, founder of the CMC in Vellore, India. Unable to help three women who died in childbirth, she dedicated her life to the plight of Indian women and the fight against bubonic plague, cholera and leprosy. Graduated Cornell Medical College in the first class to accept women. In two years she treated 5,000 patients. She opened the Mary Taber Schell Hospital in 1902 and later opened a medical school for girls.