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Raccoon in a Tuxedo

Lizzy sustained some head trauma and a collapsed lung and had to be operated on at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Phantom held her for support the whole time.

Mama & baby - I looooove this


"Nason and Maxwell - now in their new home in Texas".....previous pinner.


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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

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The happiest mouse in the world!

This dog gets all the chicks

Japanese dwarf flying squirrel

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Red Panda Cub

Winter: Arctic Hare by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic

ZsaZsa Bellagio


Japanese flying squirrel.

Hedgehog in clover

Ermine, also known as a stoat. The beautiful coloring of this relative of otters, mink and wolverines is the ermine's summer coat. The ermine's coat changes to a thick warm all white coat in the winter. The only part of the ermine's coat to not change color is the very tip of its tail, which remains black.